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What Is Bon Appetee?

Bon Appetee brings fashionable, form fitted designs in tops, t-shirts and dresses to women who are breastfeeding, but don't want to be limited to the types of clothes they can wear.

The designs are not only innovative, but represent style and class for the woman who desires something a little different.  Bon Appetee designs can be worn for many years after breastfeeding has finished!

How Bon Appetee Began

After having to put thought into the type of clothing I was able to wear while pregnant, I was looking forward to being able to get back into my regular wardrobe after the birth of my daughter. As I excitedly put on my favourite tight t-shirt I realized that I was faced with an entire new issue...how am I going to breastfeed!  It was winter, and the thought of lifting up layers of clothes seemed both challenging and chilly, not to mention the fact that I was not entirely thrilled with my entire mid section being exposed to whoever cared to look!  So I once again said goodbye to my ole' favourite tee and popped it back into the drawer.

I tried the putting a cloth over me in public and then I tried the breastfeeding cover, but was still presented with the same dilemma of having to sift through the layers while my baby looked at me impatiently.  Even if I was wearing a breastfeeding tank I still had to get to it, which meant I was limited in the types of clothing I could wear. I set out to find breastfeeding tops that were a bit more form fitting (like regular short and long sleeve t-shirts) and quickly became disheartened when everything looked the same, or simply was just not what I was looking for. After searching high and low for what I wanted, I came to the conclusion that I would just have to design my own!

Bon Appetee Goals

  • To help ensure breastfeeding is as effortless as possible with no limitations.
  • To be Practical, Discreet and Comfortable without fashion boundaries.
  • Able to be worn as stylish clothing after breastfeeding has finished.
  • To be a fully sustainable business
  • To give back to the world.

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